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Why Should Homework be Banned?

According to several kinds of research published, doing homework may not always result in better academic success. Some students may experience worry and frustration as a result of their homework, which will lower their enthusiasm and interest in what they are learning. Some dispute that the amount of time required for homework might be enormous, leaving little time for other crucial pursuits like socializing, exercising, and engaging in interests and hobbies.

There are several opinions on whether or not homework should be prohibited. These are points for opposing homework:

  • Excessive workload
  • Inequality of resources or support
  • Lack of effectiveness
  • No time for other growth essential activities.

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It can help pupils learn more, improve their study techniques, and be ready for college or a career. While there are many arguments in favor of homework the following are worth mentioning;

Homework allows students to practice and reinforce what they have learned in class, which can lead to greater retention and understanding of the content. It helps the students acquire important research skills and improve their reading ability. It helps students to manage time and improve their organization skills, and promotes self-discipline, which is important not only for academics but for professional and personal life as well. Homework also provides students with a chance to get feedback from their professors, which may help them see their areas of needed development and make the required corrections.